DA for MO in Blindmouth Valley

MARRA (Main Arm Rural Residents Association) held a meeting at the shop to discuss a new DA for an MO in Blindmouth Valley.

Although the principal of MO title is supported, this particular development application was unanimously opposed on the grounds that it did not uphold the spirit of the MO movement (affordable housing, sustainable and intentional community) and rather, if granted, could be used as a backdoor to rural subdivision.

The DA is on public submission until 4pm Wednesday 15th July. You can have your say by emailing or writing a submission to: submissions@byron.nsw.gov.au

Development Application DA 10.2020.242.1

The full application can be viewed online here: https://datracker.byron.nsw.gov.au/

If you would like to receive more detailed submission guidelines from MARRA please contact us marra2482@gmail.com

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